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About ICTS International N.V.

Founded in 1982, and traded in the U.S stock market (OTCBQC symbol: ICTSF) since 1996 , ICTS International N.V. Is a long standing and a trusted global leader in security technologies and services that specializes in aviation security and other airport related services as well as front-end and online ID authentication and screening technology solutions for commercial and government markets.

Throughout the years, ICTS International N.V. has maintained close working relationships with regulators, airports and airlines around the globe and was acclaimed for introducing operating concepts and technologies that were adopted by regulators and became industry standard. Company’s experts are regularly invited to participate in international conferences and various governmental and private forums dealing with aviation security and ID authentication .

ICTS International N.V.
  • Walaardt Sacrestraat 425-5 1117 BM Schiphol-Oost The Netherlands
  • Tel: +31 20 347 1077


I-SEC International Security B.V.
I-SEC International Security B.V.
I-SEC International Security B.V. specializes in the provision of advanced aviation security services and technologies to airport and airlines.
Huntleigh USA
Huntleigh USA
Huntleigh USA is a long standing provider of aviation and security related solutions and services to commercial and private companies in the US.
AU10TIX originated as the technology arm of ICTS, developing solutions for airports, border control and other security critical environments.